NO. 8 Necklace

This wonderful necklace was brought into the world by the lovely women behind Eleven Thirty on College Street West in Toronto ON. Besides some stunning accessories, the shop carries an array of bags with striking silhouettes, housewares and is home to a variety of workshops (Moccasins on 29/09/13!) It's the simple things in life that make my heart go 



This is BS


Clip Bag

Form over Function? Who cares. This is a beauty

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A whole year had passed since he set out on his journey. He was tired. He had walked for miles and miles with little rest and only the company of the birds singing melodies in his ear. Sounds can be deceiving. At times he lacked direction but, willfully opposing any signs of doubt, he kept moving. To be frank, he thought that he might see the sun by now or that he would have reached a checkpoint designed by the stars. It would tell him not to fear and to remind him that not all sounds are audible to the human ear. Instead he found little to no reassurance. The path was long and tiresome and he never quite learned the song of the birds. 

A whole year had passed and he found himself exactly where he'd started- only a little worst for wear. As he strained his eyes to see what lay ahead he couldn't help but reexamine his route. It was time to make different choices- not only for him but, for the birds. He harnessed his greed, bottled his emotions and unleashed his ambition. It was time to listen to desire if he ever wanted to find his treasure. Whether or not the treasure truly exists is not the point of departure, it is the belief that there is something, anything out there just for him and him alone. And, in that moment, he quitely hummed to himself as he set out on his journey, alone but not lonely.



Last Year in Marienbad 1961

"Because sometimes we choose to forget the things we don't want to remember"